I kinda have mixed emotions about wade fishing. On one hand, that’s how I got into fishing the islands. Back in the high school days, that’s all we did.

We were all broke, so 6-8 of us would load up in a boat, and hop out when we got to Cat island, isle Au Pitre, Ship Island, etc. We usually caught fish, had a great time, and best of all it was CHEAP.

Nowadays, I got a big fancy bay boat. It has plenty of bells of whistles. I pay a lot of money for my 26 Avenger, and I really don’t wanna get out of it. All my tackle is in it, along with my drinks and snacks.

We do have a big group from Texas that’s been fishing with us for well over a decade. They primarily wade fish, and they annihilate the fish. They are master anglers, top water experts, and easily the best we’ve ever seen. They typically throw big Super Spooks, Corky’s, Skitter Walks, and Mirrodines.

Every year they join us in June, and take full advantage of all the Mississippi Gulf Coasts amazing fishery has to offer. When they wade, I stay in the boat and keep a close watch on everybody. When they need a new rod, lure, beer, or a break, I ease over and assist. While I’m in the boat, I usually make a few casts. Often times I throw live bait. Almost never have I matched these guys in quality or quantity of trout. Are they that good, or am I that bad? I’m pretty sure their stealthy approach has something to do with it. Having mastered pin point casting, and presentation, they are a force to be reckoned with.

I may just have to jump outta of the boat one of these days, and join them. Who am I kidding, I ain’t getting outta that boat...

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