Hancock High School Bowling Coach Trevin Burge and Nicholas Cumberland Jr.

Last Thursday was a big day for the Hancock High School boys and girls bowling teams — the girls won the state championship, the boys came in third state-wide and one of their members — Nicholas Cumberland — bowled a perfect game.

“Last year he was number three and this year he’s number one,” Nick’s grandmother Carol Grassley said. “It’s the first time in eight years Hancock’s ever had a 300!”

Nicholas’s sister, Kenzie, is also a bowling champ. She was the state championship runner-up her senior year in 2018.

“This is his first 300 game ever, and it’s the last tournament of his high school career,” Nick’s dad Nick Cumberland Sr. said Friday.

Nick Jr. “taught himself how to bowl through YouTube videos,” his dad said. “I never bowled. He fell in love with the game all by himself. .. He’s also a three-sport letterman at Hancock. He’s actually bowling and playing soccer at the exact same time.”

Cumberland said he’s very proud of his son.

“He works really hard,” Cumberland said. “He’s very focused when it comes to paying attention to what needs to be done. … He really focused in yesterday and once he thought it was possible, he made it happen. Throwing a 15 pound bowling ball down a 40 foot lane — throwing that ball the exact same way 12 times in a row, it’s something you’ve got to really pay attention to.

“He’s been wanting it a long time and there couldn’t have been a better send-off for the last tournament of his high school career than bowling a perfect game.”

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