Captain Sonny Schindler with a redfish for an episode of “Duck Camp” TV.

It was a very chaotic couple of days. We had our first overnight trip to Cat Island the first week of

March. It was Lil early, we typically start our overnighters in April. The crew was up for it, but there was a few things that needed to happen before the customers arrived.

“Cat Island Chris”, the care taker, needed a radiator for the generator delivered ASAP. Also, we have been trying to get the guys from “Duck Camp” out there. Duck Camp is a high end outdoor clothing line, that also has a TV show spotlighting unique camps, lodges and now island houses.

We had one shot to deliver supplies, make repairs, and shoot the show. Thursday I met Jerrod and Kelly at Pass Harbor, to load all their gear. I also had literally a “boat load” of

Groceries, supplies and a new radiator. The weather was decent, and we made our way across.

Chris was waiting on us at the Cat Island house. We unloaded everything, and went to work installing the new radiator. Luckily, the installation was quick and without issues.

We took a short boat ride to get a little footage, but didn’t do anything on the fishing side of things. Chris saved the day, and wrangled up a mess of crabs, for his famous Cat Island Seafood boil. I had to run back in to see my daughters soccer game that evening.

The next morning I was up VERY early, and after a million stops for bait, fuel, and last minute junk, I made it back to the island. We only had an hour or so, to get our fish for the show. The winds were howling, and we had to tuck inside a protected bayou. Luckily, The early morning quest for live shrimp paid off. We were able to grab some sheepshead and redfish, with almost no time to spare.

Jarrod was flying his drone, and getting his last minute video footage while we were heading in. It was a buzzer beater, and this was all before the customers arrived!!! It truly was a group effort, and everyone pitched in to make it work. There is plenty of fun to be had at the “Duck Camp” or “Island House”, but you still have to put in the work there too.

As always, have fun and be safe

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