Peter, Jon, and Julie Ritten with another nice redfish. Kissed, tagged and released.

I think I met Peter Ritten in the late 80’s? Always a quick witted goofball, he and I have remained friends for several decades. His brother Jon and wife Julie helped us buy our first and second home. Their daughter Laura Grace was our daughter Margot sitter for many years. We have a history.

Peter moved away not long after graduating college, and we both got busy with our families, our jobs and life. This past year, Peter has gotten bit again by the fishing bug. Back in the high school days, we spent countless days in his old Boston Whaler fishing out front. I treasure those memories, but it’s time to make some new ones.

Every few weeks, when time/work/family allows, my old buddy Peter comes back down from Atlanta. If the weather is fishable, we’re going fishing. Some trips he brings his brother Jon, sometimes his daughter Brett, sometimes his Sister in law Julie makes an appearance. I gotta say, despite mother nature’s best attempts at ruining our fun, we have an absolute blast.

None of these trips are meat hauls. We have had great success with the speckled trout, white trout and redfish. They usually keep enough for dinner, I’ll sometimeskeep a few, or we tag and release the rest. Peter is more about trying out new lures, fishing different areas, or just plain ole fishing. The yacht rock trivia has become a staple in all of our trips. Peter and I are very good at it, but Jon Ritten is unbeatable.

Once you’ve experienced The Mississippi Gulf Coast, it just has this draw, that always bring you back. The beaches, the food, the scenery, the people, and yes the fishing are just some of the things that keep bringing folks back.

I have thoroughly enjoyed fishing with my good friend Peter. We spend a lot

of time telling stories from days past. I’ve also enjoyed creating new memories. One things for certain, all have been well Ritten…

As always, have fun and be safe.

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