The Nobile family

We have been trying to get the Nobile family out fishing for weeks. Between rough weather, freezing temperatures, and crazy schedules, I didn’t think it was ever gonna happen. Russ and I saw our weather window for his 3 daughters, and went for it. His daughters: Charlotte, Anna, and Mary have been fishing with me a few times over the years. They love to fish, and have all become quite good anglers. All three have been bitten by the fishing bug, but I think their Dad Russ should get a lot of the credit for this happening.

Being a fellow “girl dad” I can truly appreciate everything my buddy Russ puts into these trips. From the snacks, to the great stories, to getting the girls their “own spot” on the boat. He is like a symphony conductor. Yes these girls can catch fish, but Russ tries to help all three to have as much fun as possible. This may mean that Anna wants to net every fish caught. Often times it means letting young Mary scoop all the minnows in the live well. Sometimes, it is as simple as having Charlotte keeping score on who has the most or longest fish.

This is exactly how it went. Big sister Charlotte went on a run, with several small tag and released reds. She kept her luck going, and landed some keeper slot reds. Baby sister Mary took over and did the same on the big and little redfish. Anna, who was helping net everything, hadn’t landed a fish. Russ just kept everyone cool, and repositioned his crew around the boat. Anna was now in the “hot spot” and hooked up. She caught the biggest red of the day, a fat 25 incher. Since they already had plenty for dinner, she wanted to tag and release the big one of the day. Plenty of pictures were taken, and sent to mom Emily.

The only thing better than the weather and the fishing, was the company. No fussing, just fishing and fun. Till next time Nobile’s, it’s always a pleasure.

As always, have fun and be safe.

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