The Blandin Family, from Ohio after a great fishing charter to Cat Island.

We really enjoying having first time anglers on the boats. On a recent trip, I had a great family in from Ohio. Dad Brad, daughter Grace and son Zach were here on vacation, sort of. The rental house they had booked in Orange Beach, AL was damaged, and they found their way over to Bay St Louis.

They fish Lake Erie, but had never done a trip in saltwater before. You would have never known it, they did amazing.

The trout bite around Cat Island had been hot. When we got to the island, there were boats everywhere. We nosed the boat amongst a few fellow charter captains, but no one was really catching. We opted to explore a little, and check a different part of the island. Luck was on our side. We landed on a school of big hungry speckled trout. Every Boat Monkey popping cork and live bait that hit the water, was met with a strike from a fat trout. We radioed the other boats, and let them know we’d found some fish.

Five fellow guides quietly eased their customers right next to us. My “Ohio Players” put on quite a show. As fast as they could get their baits out, fish were coming back in. Once the other boats got set up, EVERYONE started catching fish. Brad even asked, “you know all these guys”? I told him, “yeah we do our best to help each other”.

After my crew caught what they felt was enough for dinner and to take home, they wanted to try for a shark. We left em biting, and quietly eased away from the other boats.

We never really any baitfish, so we just drifted in about 8 feet of water. We put out 2 baits, and in less than 5 minutes had 2 big bull sharks on the lines. Graces shark made it to the boat, while Brads was a little too big to fool with, so we let it go. We snapped a few pics, released her shark and eased on in. Back at the Shaggys dock in Pass Christian harbor, mom and younger sister(and 2 dogs) met us to see the catch.

Later that evening, I got a text from the “Ohio Players”. They had taken some of their fresh trout to have cooked at The Blind Tiger in Bay St Louis. They were absolutely blown away by the meal!

It’s always a treat to show folks our amazing town and fishery. Pretty sure we will see them again.

As always, have fun and be safe

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