Fiona, Lauren, and Cyrus enjoying a windy day fishing the rocks in Back Bay.

This wind is making our fishing trips challenging to say the least. Some days we can hide from it, but depending on the direction and the severity of the wind, your options are very limited.

I was trying to reach my buddy and partner in our Charter service, Capt Matt Tusa one breezy afternoon. He’s usually quick to reply, especially since I knew he wasn’t on the water in the 30 mph winds.

After a few minutes, the pictures started rolling in. It was seemingly endless fish pics of his kids Cyrus and Fiona, along with his wife Lauren. He eventually sent a message saying, “most fun I’ve had in a while, we are having a ball”!

Turns out the Tusa family took some of

Matt’s ultra light rods, a bag of dead shrimp and their golf cart down to a rock jetty along Back Bay. Matt said they got a bite every cast. They were mostly catching smaller black drum and redfish. He did say Lauren hooked into something on the light tackle that never stopped. As best as Matt could tell, the fish were stacked against the rocks and in the calm water out of the high winds. Between the smaller Rods and the steady action, it sounded like a very productive windy afternoon.

Sometimes you gotta play the hand you’re dealt. Getting outta the wind and letting the kiddos have some fun outdoors is always a win. So here’s to one of my families, The Tusa’s. The Rock Stars!!!

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