Our guides have been tagging fish for many years now. In the last 2 years, We’ve tagged well over 800 redfish, just on my boat! Our Charter for Hire Task Force, with Mississippi Department of Marine Resources requested a tagging program locally. It was recently approved, and should be up and running soon.

The most recent recapture I’ve had, was caught by my buddy, and fellow guide, Capt Mike Adams. We initially tagged the 31 inch redfish near the Western side of Ship Island. A month later, a customer with Capt “Mikey” caught it off the beach in Biloxi.

There could not a better time than now, to be tagging or reporting tagged fish. With the water changing in the Mississippi Sound so drastically, it’s very beneficial to have cold hard facts, as to what these fish are doing. We have tagged many many fish in the Lake Borgne, Heron Bay, Bay Caddy and Bay St Louis area. It’ll be very interesting to see where these fish wind up.

If you happen to catch a tagged fish, PLEASE CALL IT IN. This information is needed now more than ever. It’s your choice, if the fish is legal, to keep it. However, if the fish in good shape, you can also let it go, and see if it gets caught again? You normally receive a certificate, with a capture/recapture map on it. I have several framed ones in my office. It’s fun, exciting and educational stuff. If you catch a tagged fish, please record the date, location, and length.

As always, have fun and be safe.

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