J.D. McKeigney with a huge black drum caught near Pass Christian.

Fly fishermen are their own breed of angler. It is hands down the most challenging way to cast, hook, fight and land a fish. When the weather, angler, and the fish all come together on a fly fishing trip, it is truly something to be seen.

Enter J.D. McKeigney, from Jackson MS. He has been fishing with Capt Alex McIngvale for a while now. They both work together to make the most of their trips. Both closely watch the weather, and try to get those picture perfect day. When schedules allow, they have been doing very well on their trips.

J.D. has been able to fool snapper, jack crevalle, cobia, king mackerel, black drum, bonito and several other species with his fly rod. Capt Alex and J.D. were fishing around Cat Island a year or so ago, when they got into a school of big speckled trout. They released many many big trout all caught on the fly rods. Anyone who has fished around Cat Island, knows how finicky those trout can be(even with live bait). To spend a day catching and releasing big trout on a fly is worthy of any anglers respect.

On another one of their longer offshore runs, they accidentally caught, cleaned and ate a would be State Record trigger fish. Neither Alex or J.D. checked the Website for the current record. It wasn’t until a day later when J.D. called Alex to let him know that the cooks at Shaggys in Pass Harbor had turned the would’ve been record trigger fish into delicious fish tacos.

My hat goes off to fly fishermen, all of them. The amount of skill, dedication, persistence and patience required to do it, is admirable. Who knows what the next adventure will bring for these two? Now That Capt Alex has his bigger offshore boat, the possibilities are endless. Keep up the great work J.D., we all look forward to seeing what the future holds for you.

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