The weather may have turned cold, but the fishing is fine.

Had a really nice weather day recently. My new buddy Keith was in town from Colorado, and wanted to catch a redfish. We have been seeing a few nearshore, but we agreed it made more since to run south, to the Louisiana Marsh. It was absolutely picture perfect. We had blue bird skies, little to no wind, and a rising tide. If I have seen lower water, I honestly can’t recall. All of my favorite redfish ponds were either impossible to get in, or completely out of water. All we could fish, were the ditches and canals that fed into the ponds.

I guess the reds were waiting for the water to come back into the ponds too. They were all over those banks. We could literally hear fish all around us, crashing bait and making all kinds of noise. We missed way more than we caught, but once the tide got moving, things went from great to fantastic.

We set up on a current line, at the mouth of one pond. The reds must’ve been stacked like chord wood there. After a couple casts, we couldn’t legally keep anymore, so it was all catch and release.

I was just about to suggest heading in a little early. Keith mentioned how insanely fun this was. He couldn’t believe we were catching fish every cast, in January, in 60 degree weather. He also said he had another trip coming up in a couple weeks. He was gonna be on a frozen lake, ice fishing. Keith didn’t sound very excited about the upcoming frigid fishing trip. He said 3 or 4 twelve inch fish was considered a good trip...

I couldn’t go in early after hearing that. We stopped at another pond entrance, that also had moving water. We released another 15-20 redfish, and he threw in the towel.

Keith is already planning his next fishing trip to Mississippi...

As always, have fun and be safe.

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