Patrick Cresson with his sons Grayson and Rowen, catching redfish in Bay St Louis. 

I met Patrick Cresson through an old deck hand buddy of mine, Casey Forshag. He told me, “man you’re gonna like Patrick, good dude and he knows how to fish”. Casey has never lied to me, and he hit the nail on the head with Patrick.

Patrick recently bought a house in Timber Ridge. He definitely knows fishing, but has never fished the Bay St Louis area. His two young sons(Rowen and Grayson), like him, are ate up with the outdoors. Patrick wanted kind of an introduction to fishing the Bay. He wanted to see what areas he could get his boat(and family) in and out of safely.

I picked the boys up at their house in Pass Christian. Everyone was excited about learning a new area. Patrick is really digging “Coast Life”too. Being able to fish, and still have so much to do on land, makes our area so attractive to families like Patricks. He lemme know how nice and accommodating everyone has been. From the guy building their pool, to the garbage man, he was blown away how helpful everyone is. He also really liked not having to buy a fishing license(MS Charter Boat).

What was supposed to be an exploratory mission, turned into a fish slinging session. Gray and Rowe did the heavy lifting, while Patrick and I helped with the baiting, casting and netting.

At one point during our trip, Patrick looked around and said, “MAN, I think I can see our house from here, this is AWESOME”! Patrick has fished all over south Louisiana, and much of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s always a treat to have a good day in your new front yard though… so here’s to the Cresson’s, The New Kids on the Block.

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