From left, Kay Kergosin, Sydney Guide and Libby Heebe with a nice redfish.

The fishing has been absolutely incredible these last few weeks. The shrimp, pogies, and mullet have been moving through in big numbers. With these bait fish, have been stellar numbers of speckled trout, redfish, triple tails, sharks and several other species. Recently I got to take three fun ladies on a very fun fishing trip.

Sydney, Kay and Libby have grown up fishing with their families. Sydney has fished with me and her Dad several times over the years. It was my first time fishing with Kay and Libby. They’re happy go lucky attitude never left the boat. All three were experienced anglers. All three have caught just about everything that swims in Gulf of Mexico. They got to show their skills at our first stop. Fishing on a near shore reef, they tagged and released a few trout, along with a nice redfish. It didn’t matter the size or the species, every fish was met with cheers and celebration.

They wanted to check out Cat Island, so we took a bumpy ride out to smugglers cove. They wanted to tangle with some bigger fish. We stopped and caught a few lady fish. I’ve heard them called “skip jack” or “banana fish” but Kay informed of a new nickname she called them, “Dookie Tarpon”. Lady fish are excellent baitfish, but they make a mess the second you try to touch them. I thought the name was perfect.

Capt Matt called on the radio to let us know he’d found a big school of pogies, getting terrorized by big fish. We got set up in the unlucky bait fish and went straight to catching. The bull sharks were all over our baits, and the girls were having a ball.

After We caught a released a few sharks, the girls requested we head home. They all had work and or some sort of sports practice to get to. As I cranked the engine, in their best Shania Twain impersonation, all I heard was, “Let’s Go Girls”…

It was a great day with some fun ladies.

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