Got really lucky on one of my last trips. Lucky in the fish department, and the friend department. I had to move a trip around, freeing up a day. The weather report was incredible, so I called my buddy, Doctor Don Gaddy. We see and talk to each other regularly, but seldom get to fish together. He jumped at the offer. Joining us on the trip, was Mr and Mrs Cat Island, Chris and Effie. Chris is the caretaker for the cat Island house, and Effie is his girlfriend. I also see them very very regularly. Just like Doctor Don, I seldom get to fish with them. They were on land for a couple days, and were all about a fishing trip.

With perfect weather, we took a chilly ride to the Louisiana Marsh. We bounced around the marsh all morning long. It was a trout here, a red there at the first several stops. It was good, but not a lot of fish. However, when the tide dropped completely out, we found the mother load of redfish.

We posted up in a small narrow drain. The water was pushing out, and there was one deep pocket we were able to cast into. It was as fast as they could get a bait in the water. We caught reds from about 12 inches, all the way to huge bull reds. Those fish were not leaving that deep pocket, and neither were we. It was one of the more intense redfish bites I have seen this year. We stayed on fish for about an hour and a half. We noticed the fish box wasn’t closing, and decided to call it quits.

As much as see and talk to these people, this was a real treat. Spending a day on the boat, laughing, and “catching” up on everything was really fun. I guess you could say, it was just what the Doctor ordered...

As always, have fun and be safe

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