Big Joe and “Joe Joe” Kuhner with a nice mess of trout for his 5th Birthday party trip.

When I saw young “Joe Joe” Kuhner sitting in the mini van, at our dock in Bayou Caddy, I knew it was gonna be a good day. Celebrating his 5th Birthday, he had never been on the boat with his Dad(Big Joe). He was sitting in his booster seat, half asleep, grinning ear to ear, and ready for his fishing trip. He didn’t really seem to understand what he was getting into, but it was like he understood that something soon was gonna be awesome.

Joe Joes’s older brother, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, even his Grandma have all been out with me at some point in time. This was his big day, and his Dad wanted him to have all the fun. We had a small weather window to make Joe Joe’s Birthday Trip happen. Luckily, we were able to fish close to the dock, and the speckled trout were hungry. We had a live well full of croakers, that we’re getting hammered by trout on almost every cast.

Hats off to big Joe. He and I could have done some serious damage to those trout, but it was all about Lil Joe Joe. We let him reel in all the fish. If a fish was small, he’d help us tag them.

Yes, he terrorized our live bait, but he always picked us out a good one, and heck, he was having fun. Joe Joe really wanted to help net a fish. When we hollered, “get the net in the water”, he did exactly what we said. Luckily my landing net floats, because he got the entire net, “In the water” when he threw it out of the boat, at the big trout splashing alongside us. It really was actually pretty funny.

After almost four hours of birthday fishing fun, Joe Joe had had enough. We took our party to the Shore Thing dock in Bayou Caddy. Him and his dad had a great time feeding the sea gulls scraps of fish from the cleaning table.

The weather wound up being really nice. We caught a bunch of fish, and honestly had a really good time. Hopefully Joe Joe will be back for many more trips in the future. Happy Birthday Lil Buddy!!!

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