During this Last Monsoon, we had a couple of unexpected days off the water. We barely beat the first big wave of storms, but safely got off the water. We had to cancel several trips, but there was no way we could’ve safely fished. This “down time” was both stressful and comforting.

I always try to surround myself with people smarter than myself. Since I’m pretty much a childish buffoon, this has never been a difficult task. I was in desperate need of a new motor for the boat, new tackle, new sunglasses and some sound financial advice. Lucky for me, I have some very smart, hardworking and helpful folks in my village.

The old motor was pulled off the second I got back to The Boathouse in Lakeshore. Griffen, Sid, Ron and Steve had it removed like they were on some kind of NASCAR pit crew. I quickly brought the engineless boat over to Atlantic Marine, in Waveland. Emily, Bobby, Roger and Phillip were there waiting on me.

Not sure if anyone has priced a new Yamaha 300 horse power engine lately, but they ain’t cheap(you get what you pay for though). I had to high tail up to Hancock Bank in Diamondhead. Stephen Hicks and Kelly Bowen were there, trying to make sense of my horrific book keeping, to help me get my funds right. They were patient, thorough and quick to get it done.

Keep in mind I had all these appointments scheduled for THE FOLLOWING WEEK. The biblical weather changed my schedule and EVERYONE adjusted their schedules to help me. In between the high speed pick ups and drop offs, I figured why not see how much more I could pile on my plate?

I made my big annual order with Okuma Tackle. I Totally fumbled that one, by using the 2020 catalog. The friendly customer service folks got me right back on the 2021 track.

I wasn’t done yet. The regional Oakley sunglasses rep(Kelly Welsh) lives here in Bay St Louis. I’ve been wearing Oakley shades for years, and really needed a new pair. I just missed him in between sales trips from Florida to Louisiana. Knowing I’d be off the water in the coming days, Kelly left my new shades at his house for me to pickup. What a guy!

I made of total mess of things, changing the schedule last minute. I didn’t wanna sit idle with the “down time”. Everybody mentioned, went above and beyond. They rolled up their sleeves, and got it done. THANK YOU all for the help! We live in a very cool little fishing village, and sometimes it truly takes a Village. Let’s all do our part to support our wonderful local businesses.

As always, have fun and be safe.

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