I don’t really how or when I came to know Will Gavin, but I’ve always liked him. Will is very Easy going, hard working, honest, and a darn good fisherman. I’d see him a couple times a week over the winter. It was Usually at the Bayou Caddy Boat launch, when it came time to pick up the boats. He always seemed to have bigger and more trout than anyone I talked to(myself included). Our guides spend almost all of our cold weather months chasing redfish, sheepshead, and more redfish.

He always told what area he was in, he literally told me the exactly spot. I knew it well, but had never caught fish on it years ago, and wrote it off. Well… fast forward a few months later. We were in the General area, and I was passing by “Wills spot”. We didn’t have a whole lot of fish, so I told the guys the whole story about Will and we’d give his spot 5 mins. Well… my man Will was right, and his fish were there. We started putting some nice trout in the box, when I saw a familiar turquoise boat coming outta the north. It was Will!!!

I could’ve died. I honestly hadn’t fish that area in 8-10 years and get busted 8-10 minutes at his spot. He was cool about it. He just grinned and said, “caught ya”. Heck, he even hollered over on how to position better, to get more fish. He was right! Best part of the day was after a fish came over the side, my guys would yell “Thanks Will”!!!

I called Will later that night, and tried to apologize. He wouldn’t accept it, he was happy to help. We talked fishing, work and family. I definitely owe him one…

As always, have fun and be safe.

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