My big brother Beau, was in town from Houston. His son August, and daughter Helena are always up for a fishing trip. We’ve only been able to go once a year, if we’re lucky. We never have to force them to go with us, but fishing is encouraged.

It’s still amazing to watch them evolve into young adults and serious fishermen/women.

My daughter(Margot) got sick, and missed last years spectacular trip.

This year though, she was feeling fine and ready to go.

The winds were up, we had a front coming through, and it was a little breezy. We opted to play it safe, and stay in the Bay.

It took us a few shifts to get the boat positioned correctly. The wind and tide were against each other. Once we got everything set right, it was an every cast bite. Big Brother Beau brought his A-game.

Even in an insanely good bite, the kiddos were very well behaved.

They took turns fighting sheepshead, redfish and speckled trout.

If someone was reeling in a fish, the others took turns netting them. Everyone had fun tagging and releasing the small redfish. Heck, If the fish made a mess in the boat, they even took turns with the deck brush.

Bathroom breaks were not an issue.

When they got tired, they just found a comfortable spot and laid down.

Towards the end our trip, the bite was fast and furious.

Beau was slinging fish in left and right. I looked in the back of the boat, and all youngsters were sleeping.

He slung one last big sheepshead in the boat, and we called it a day.

We’ve both worked for years to get to this point. We love to fish, and always want our kids to be on the boat with us.

We just don’t want the kids to be miserable. The future is looking very good for Team Schindler. Here’s to some good ole “Forced Family Fun”.

As always, have fun and be safe.

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