There are many instances where your fishing trips actually begins the day before you even make the first cast. The topic of food/drink seldom makes it on the list of top priorities when planning your trip, but it darn well should. I don’t care if you are fishing from a 75 foot sport fishing yacht, a bay boat, a kayak, Wadefishing, or casting from the pier, what eat can greatly affect your trip.

If you haven’t guessed where I’m going with this, things are about to get awkward.... The food down here is good, really good, it’s almost too good. My mom and my wife are both unbelievable cooks. We’ve also got local restaurants that are out of this world. Places like : The Blind Tiger, Dempsey’s, Cuz’s, Dan-B’s, and Trapani’s will make your jaws hurt, the foods so good. Y’all all know, that just a few names, off a very long list of great restaurants. You can get yourself in some serious “trouble”, if you don’t watch what you eat the day before your fishing trip. Told you this was gonna weird...

Being stuck out in the middle of the Mississippi Sound after eating a dozen raw oysters, 5 pounds of crawfish, and having a few “adult beverages” can get very very ugly. Personally, as many days I have to spend on the water, I won’t touch anything that might upset your stomach, the night before a trip. I have seen far too many people “affected” by spicy, rich, and raw food that it’s just not worth it. Play it safe and eat foods that you know are not gonna come to back to haunt you. If you are hosting out of town folks, the night before a trip, go easy on them. Most people don’t have the billy goat like intestines that some of our locals seem to develop.

Better yet, enjoy your fresh catch, and our unbelievable local cuisine when you get in from your trip. The Blind Tiger, in old town Bay St Louis will prepare your catch after a trip with us! Remember folks, you are what you eat.

As always, have fun and be safe

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