For the overwhelming majority of the year, we have been fishing in Mississippi waters. The fresh water pushed in from the Bonnie Carrie Spillway opening sent us East. We didn’t miss hardly a day of fishing, but we had to work very very hard to stay on the fish. Since the spillway has closed, the salinity and the fishing has steadily improved down south in the Louisiana Marsh.

The last few weeks have been very good for fishing. The speckled trout, redfish, and sheepshead have been great.

Captain Matt asked me to help him with a group of his regulars, from Tupelo. Paul Battle has been fishing with Matt for years, and is quite a character. Joining Mr Battle, were his best friends Duke and Jack.

The boys had a darn good catch, the previous day with Capt Matt. I was actually planning on red fishing all day, since they waylaid the trout with Matt. Well... sometimes you just gotta go with what’s bitting. The first bank we eased up on(to redfish) was teeming with hungry speckled trout. We were throwing plastic shrimp imitations, 2 feet under Boat Monkey Popping corks . It was as good as you could’ve wanted for that first hour or so. We only made 3 stops, and we were constantly trying to get our redfish, but the trout wouldn’t stop. I’m pretty sure, since I stayed in Mississippi the majority of the year, it’s the most trout I’ve boxed in 2019. Louisiana has very liberal fish limits.

FINALLY, at our last stop, we dialed in a mess redfish. We ran out of room, and headed back to Bayou Caddy.

After all we’ve been through this year, this was a big trip for the Battle Group, and me. It’s a massive relief to see fish in waters that we’re void of life a few months back. We still need to be vigilant with how this spillway thing plays out. We need a better system that protects EVERYONE.

After all the fresh water, and setbacks we’ve had this year, it was still a nice treat. We won the “Battle”, now it’s time to win the war!!!

As always, have fun and be safe.

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