Mr. Charlie Smith from Knoxville, Tennessee. We were red fishing in the Louisiana Marsh, 9 miles south of Bayou Caddy, MS.

I had to fish Super Bowl Sunday. Considering I’m usually running charters on Saturdays and Sundays, and asleep by 7pm I seldom get to watch football games anyway. It was a last minute booked trip from my old buddy Mr Charlie, from Tennessee. He was in town to go way offshore, in hopes of catching a big tuna on a fly rod. The weather was less than perfect for that, and his offshore trip was canceled(rightfully so). Plan-B was a trip to the Louisiana Marsh with me.

It was a little choppy going across, but we made good time. The cloud cover broke, and it turned out to be a really nice day, for what we were doing. The only problem was, the fish were GONE. We checked 3 or 4 of my go to A#1 shallow redfish ponds and they were absolutely void of life. The water was clear, and we could see everything, the bait and reds just weren’t there. I had been in one of these ponds a few weeks before, and it was full of fish and bait. When I say we saw nothing, with the e.xception of 2 crabs and some Gar, for 6 HOURS we saw NOTHING!

It was getting late, and we had about 2 hours before sunset. The water had risen considerably. The high water was one thing I haven’t been able to utilize in weeks. We made one last stop, and pushed deeper into an area than I’d ever been before. Mr Charlie never stopped casting. The water turned dirty, and we couldn’t see but a couple of inches. I was out of options. We made one last turn into a lagoon with numerous drains pouring into it. It just looked too perfect. I stopped the boat, and put a dead shrimp under a popping cork. I think the second cast caught a small redfish. Mr Charlie put away his fly rod and picked up another spinning set up. He went on to catch almost 20 redfish in a row. Most were small, but we weren’t keeping fish anyway. He was catching them fast as I could tag and release them. He even picked his fly rod back up, and caught the last two before we called it day. We raced the sun, and got back to Bayou Caddy before it set. I got home long after dark, right before the Super Bowl halftime show began. Sometimes you just gotta throw that Hail Mary and hope for the best.

As Always, have fun and be safe

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