Five short years ago, my daughter Margot was in kindergarten. She asked if we could bring her 5th grade buddy Brady on a fishing trip. At her school(Coast Episcopal) the 5th graders are paired with kindergarteners, it’s kind of a mentoring program. We had an amazing day on the water. Her “buddy” Brady caught a ton of fish, and the weather was perfect. 

I blinked, and it’s  5 years later. Now Margot is a 5th grader. Her class is small, so she has been assigned two kindergarten buddies. Enter Ruth and Ollie. I don’t ever pressure Margot to go fishing. If she wants to go, I do my very best to make time. She really wanted to take her two buddies fishing. I thought it was an excellent idea.

Our plan was to fish over the Christmas break. Between the bookings I already had, and the bad weather in between, we were about to miss our chance. We opted to roll the dice on a windy day, and just fish inside Bayou Caddy. I don’t think young Ruth and Ollie have had many days on a boat, so we wanted to keep things fun and comfortable. 

It turned out to be a fantastic day on the water. Margot, Ruth and Ollie had an absolute blast. We didn’t set any state records. Heck, I don’t think we caught a legal sized fish. We made the entire outing all about “the Lil buddies”. The dads that came along let the little ones reel in ever fish we hooked. The kids were all smiles, all day long. They caught speckled trout, flounder and croakers. You’d of thought we caught big Marlins all day.

When getting the younger ones interested in fishing, it really does help when you bring one of their friends along. If there is any nervousness or boredom, sometimes having a “buddy” makes things easier. When we first introduced Margot to fishing, we learned quickly, that bringing a friend along really keeps things running smoother. It’s also really cool to just get more youngsters outdoors. 

It was a real treat to have my lil buddy Margot on the boat. It was even more special of a day watching her have fun with her Kindergarten buddies Ruth and Ollie. 

It doesn’t matter if they’re young or old, please be sure and make time for your buddies. 

As always, have fun and be safe.

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