Just about every angler knows how, when and where they caught their biggest fish. “The Big One” is what we anglers are always after.

We recently had 4 boat loads of gentlemen from North Georgia on the boats. Myself, along with Captains Matt, Alex and Kenny’s crews had themselves a little bet going. Biggest fish was what everyone was gunning for. We had one fellow on the boat who had never been fishing. When I say never, I mean NEVER. Luckily, this guy was very coordinated, and took instructions very well. Before long, he was casting as far as guys who’d been fishing decades.

A live croaker, 2 feet under a Boat Monkey Popping cork, was what he was fishing with. He’d caught a few trout, but the veteran anglers were easily out fishing him. We heard the drag screaming, and knew that the “new guy” had something good. Twenty minutes later, and he had a massive 39 inch bull red fish in the boat. We snapped plenty of pics, measured it, and let the big fish go.

Some folks go their entire life without seeing a fish this big. To do this on his first trip was a huge deal. Happy to say, our first timer caught the biggest fish of all 4 boats, and even won a couple bucks. His friends and family were thrilled he was the big winner.

There will almost always be a bigger fish. That’s what makes fishing so challenging. My hope is everyone gets to catch at least one “Big One”. Take plenty of pictures when you catch it, and maybe let it go. That fish might someone else’s big fish one day...

As always, have fun and be safe.

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