College students enjoy fishing during Spring Break in south Mississippi.

Our first wave of spring breakers have been a lot of fun to fish with. Just on my boat the last few days, I’ve had folks from: Texas, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, even Wisconsin.

All were great people, all of them caught fish and everyone raved about the Mississippi Gulf Coast. One of my more entertaining crews, was a group of football players from Millsaps College. Local sports phenom, Evan Lundgren brought down two of his teammates. These young men were just so happy to be on the water. Every red fish, flounder, sheepshead or trout was such a big deal. It didn’t stop at the fish either, the were all about the wildlife as well. If we saw pelicans or ospreys, they would stop and check them out too.

We really are spoiled down here. The amount of scenery, fish, wildlife and just fun we have on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is mind blowing. We get so used to this amazing place, we forget to stop and appreciate what we have.

Evan and his buddies got a good box of fish. While we were saying our goodbyes, it sounded like their fun was just getting started. They couldn’t decide if they were taking their freshly cleaned to catch to the Blind Tiger to have cooked, or have Evans mom prepare it. I got a text later that evening from Mr David Lundgren(dad). They went with the home cookin, and it sounded like Paige Lundgren(mom) hit a home run with a seafood feast.

Spring Break is all about fun, but it’s also about taking a “Break”. So while we have some incredible weather, just take some time. Go fishing, hit the beach, or take a walk downtown. Spring break doesn’t have to be just for the college kids. We old folks know how to have a good time too...

As always, have fun and be safe

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