Gage Garriga

Five year old Gage Garriga has literally grown up fishing. He has a pond in his back yard, and his dad is a charter boat captain. Young Gage had an amazing opportunity to fish Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo with his Dad, over the 4th of July weekend. The kids day was on Saturday, and the Garriga boys went all out.

I’ve known and fished along side Brian for several years. I can tell you first hand, this guy is a fishing machine. He is one of the hardest working guys I know. During the busiest time of year, it was a big deal for Brian to take a day “off”, and fish the rodeo with his son.

Gage and Brian were not after one fish, they were after several. We ran into the boys on the water, early that morning, and they were well on their way. Gage had already caught a huge bull red, a large white trout, speckled trout, and ground mullet. The boys were sitting pretty, but were looking a big black drum.

If you think for a second that catching a rodeo placing fish is easy, think again. How about catching FIVE fish!!! Compound that with choppy seas, along with this whole fresh water thing. Brian and Gage kept pushing, and finally found a big drum.

We got the text later that evening that Gage’s fish placed in ALL FIVE CATEGORIES. His 27 pound bull red even got him a first place honor. Gage was crowned King Fisherman for the kids rodeo! Brian was about as excited as could ever imagine.

Very proud of these two fellas, they worked their tails off to get those fish. They had a game plan, stuck to it, and did exactly what planned to do. Well done Gage, and well done Capt Brian, you guys are awesome!!!

As always, have fun and be safe.

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