Myself and my family have been doing the quarantine thing a lot lately. We have been washing our hands, and avoiding crowds. I have been playing captain and professor(home schooling). My wife decided we needed to get some fresh air and “social distancing”. We all decided to make a family fishing trip.

It was perfect! We didn’t get within half a mile from the nearest person. I honestly can’t recall weather this nice, this time of year.

Of course I had a hidden agenda on this last trip. My daughter Margot has caught a few big fish, but not many. I wanted her to get comfortable fighting really big fish. We tagged and released a few small redfish early, then went to pick a fight with the big fellas.

I brought my bigger spinning reels, on heavy rods. These are the ones I use for bulls, sharks and Jacks. With 100lb braided line, I really wasn’t worried about the line breaking. We fished the near shore rock piles off Pass Christian. They were loaded with big black drum. About as fast as we could get the lines out, the poles would double over with a fish. It was pretty fun watching her fight fish nearly as long as her. She got better and better with every fish. By the end of our trip, her form, technique and fight times all had greatly improved. We kept 2 small puppy drum for dinner, and released every thing else. I feel confident that my little buddy can now tackle much bigger fish. We may be venturing offshore one of these days to tackle snapper, cobia, or maybe even tuna? It’s this repetition that makes us all better. At the end of the day, it’s learning, fishing, family time, and fun.

As always, have fun and be safe

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