I had some of my favorite gals out on a recent fishing trip. I try to get our sitter Laura Grace(LG) out when ever time allows. Also joining LG were her best girls, my daughter Margot and LG’s buddy Charlotte. They didn’t wanna keep any fish, but I talked LG into bringing a few back home to her folks.

I honestly didn’t think we were gonna get to fish. We had an 80% chance rain. Somehow the storms never got near us. Now, we didn’t press our luck. We stayed close to Bayou Caddy and fished the reefs very close to shore. Live shrimp and croakers were our baits of choice. The ladies did fan-freakin-tastic!Margot reeled in a few, netted the others fish, and helped keep the boat clean. Charlotte was the “newbie”. She had never been to Mississippi, and never been fishing. We all made sure to let her get the majority of the fights. She was a quick learner, and before long, was putting a hurtin on some big speckled trout. Every fish was either her biggest and or the most she’d ever caught.

When storm the Clouds finally started to develop on the horizon, we agreed to fish for 5 minutes more, and call it. LG and Charlotte missed a few fish, Margot had 2 sharks break her off, and I was scrambling to get the heck out of there. On LG and Charlottes very last cast, they doubled up on big keeper trout. It was a perfect ending to a day we never thought was gonna happen. I don’t know what it is, but we always seem to have better luck when the ladies are on the boat. Stay Golden Girls

As always, have fun and be safe

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