Things have a funny way of working out. A few days ago, I completely messed up a charter booking. I didn’t catch the mistake until the very last second. The forecast was calling for light and variable winds, and the fishing has been outstanding. I was NOT gonna miss such a great opportunity to fish.

I haven’t fished with my daughter Margot in weeks(too long). She was scheduled to be with the sitter, Laura Grace Ritten aka “LG”. I figured why not bring the both of em fishing?

LG, like most folks, grew up here, loves to fish, but hardly ever gets to go. She had more fun than any of us. She is about to head back to school, up in New York, so this was a big time for her.

We left a little later than Capt Kenny, but it worked in our favor. Kenny only had one customer on his boat. By the time we met up, Kenny’s customer had just about caught all he could keep. When we got close to their boat, we could see and hear the finger mullet getting terrorized, 50 feet from his boat.

We nosed our boat right next to Kenny, and the gals went to work. LG was reeling in trout and redfish as fast as I could bait the hooks.

The live baits, under the Boat Monkey Popping cork, were getting annihilated. Margot assisted in many different areas. One minute she reeled in fish, the next minute she netted fish.

She would take a random Oreo cookie break, and occasionally cheer on LG, or take pictures. She just enjoys hanging out with her buddy LG, the fishing was just a bonus.

It was one of those days, and will hopefully stay in my memory forever. LG has been such a positive role model for my daughter. My wife, Margot and I kinda look at LG as Margot’s “older/cool sister”. Being able to get those gals on the water, is just another amazing adventure for those two. We looked for triple tails on the way home, but didn’t see the first one. I could here Kenny on the radio, they had seen 4. Margot passed out on the back seat, and LG was upfront updating her photos on her phone. I couldn’t have been more proud of those two ladies. What a great day!

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