Drum Roll Please

People always wanna know, “what’s the biggest fish to catch down here”? Right off the beach, I doubt you’ll find anything bigger than a big ole black drum. Some of these fish get well over 40 POUNDS!!! Our guides look forward to seeing these “sea monsters” every year. Depending on the temperatures, we start seeing the big ones pile in now through spring. The biggest concentrations of these really big black drum seem to be from  March through May. I’m not talking 20 miles offshore, I’m talking right off the beach.

Large areas of rocks, oysters and or rubble make the best areas to find theses brutes. Piers and rock jetty’s are fantastic. The 70 pound MS state record black drum was reportedly caught fishing off the jetty’s in Long Beach Harbor. 

We recently had my old pal JT Rowell, with X-Mark mowers in Jackson out. He brought down a bunch of fellow dealers and salesmen. Capt Matt and I took the fellas for a great day, in the Bay.

JT has been on every kind trip we do. He has been trout fishing, sight casting for reds, shark fishing, sheepshead, LA Marsh, Back Bay, Cat Island, you name it. He still gets a kick out of how hard these big drum pull. I’ll be honest, I can’t get enough of those drum either. We must’ve caught, photographed, and released close to 10 of those monsters. 

In between the big fish, we caught plenty of sheepshead, redfish and puppy drum. It’s kinda the best of both worlds. I’ve come to really enjoy fishing this time of year. You get to keep enough small ones to eat, and fight all the really big ones you want.

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