Nathan Guice and Capt Sonny Schindler with a big haul of speckled trout.

Nathan Guice had booked his trip, mainly as a scouting trip. At the end of every summer, he and a bunch of his buddies bring their similar aged sons on a weekend fishing trip. Nathan’s trip was a few days prior, and the purpose was to look for areas of bait(mullet, lady fish, white trout) and big fish(sharks, bull reds, and jack crevalle). His son Deacon, who is a fantastic fisherman, was “supposed” to join us. It was still summertime, and Deacon is just a lot of fun to fish with.

When Nathan got out of the car that morning, Deacon was nowhere to be seen. Turns out Deacon got behind on his summer reading, and man did he pay the price.

As the sun was barely breaking the horizon, we could barely make out Capt Paul Leoni’s boat in the distance. He us called on the VHF. “Y’all may wanna stop by me, the trout bite is pretty good”. Long story short, the trout bite was insane. The croakers were barely touching the water, and getting annihilated. It was bitter sweet, having such good fishing, but not having Deacon with us. We stopped fishing, left em bitting and went back to our original game plan of baitfish and big fish. Well… our white trout hole was full of big speckled trout too. We kept 10 more trout there, and legally couldn’t keep anymore. We did find a few small baitfish, and caught a nice bull shark. We drifted another reef in hopes of finding bull reds. Nathan threw out 3 big croakers, and caught 3 big trout, that we had to release. After that, Nathan sarcastically said, “just bring me home”.

The fish we caught fed his family, his in-laws, and all the fathers and sons on the end of summer trip.

I asked him what he was gonna tell Deacon about the incredible day of fishing”? Nathan said, “I’m not saying anything, he isn’t too happy about missing this trip to begin with”.

Pay attention kids, there’s a lesson to be learned here. SCHOOL WORK COMES FIRST.

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