We are trying to fish, and stay positive. Groups of 10 or more people are discouraged, which kinda works in our(charter boats) favor. We are only permitted to take a maximum of 6, but rarely take more than 4 people.

I did get to fish with 2 of my “old school” buddies last week. Shirley and John Dane were looking for a little “social distancing”. I’ve know both of these two characters since junior high. Shirley and I even went to Southern Miss, in Hattiesburg together. We had an amazing day “catching up”.

The winds were howling, the water was low, fresh and dirty. We opted to stay focused on redfish and gossip. I probably haven’t fish with Shirley in over 20 years. John makes an appearance on our boats periodically. We had a ball sharing stories about friends and family. Some stories were G-rated, others... not so much.

I was kinda tough to get a through a story. The redfish were biting almost every single cast. The majority of the fish were undersized, so we tagged and released many. We kept at the story telling, and fish catching as best we could. Four hours flew by, and we finally got to our legal limit. John even found a keeper speckled trout on his last few casts.

The fishing was great, but catching up with my dear friends made the day for me. I feel confident we will all get through this. It may take weeks or even months. We are a tough, resilient, hard working breed down here. Please stay in touch with your friends and family. A simple text, email, or phone call will work. Take care everyone. Thanks

As always, have fun and please be SAFE.

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