I was fortunate enough to grow up here, on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. My family’s home was about a block off the beach, in Waveland. Me and my buddies spent countless days playing on the beach. Skim boarding, fishing, crabbing and my favorite, throwing the cast net.

I guess it’s the excitement of not knowing what’s gonna show up, after each throw.

I was on a trip at Cat Island, and we needed big baits for redfish, sharks and jacks. I was throwing the cast net and catching all kinds of different species. It brought me back to the mid 1980’s, playing on those beaches in Waveland. I actually stopped throwing the net and laid out some of the different species. This is what getting outdoors, and on the water is all about. Seeing all the different creatures, learning the names, just makes you such a better fisherman/hunter.

So the next chance you get, break out the cast net. Bring the kiddos, and the newbies, and throw that cast net. Trust me, those kids and first timers will be blown away.

In case you were wondering, here are the names of the fish in the photo:

Menhaden (pogie)




Leather jacket

Look down

As always, have fun and be safe

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