Had a really amazing trip recently. Mark and Denise were down vacationing from Jackson. Denise had never salt water fished, and wanted to give it a try. Mark had called ahead, to make sure we had a game plan. He didn’t wanna get too far out, in case she didn’t like it. He also said, “please find some fish that pull”.

The weather was incredible, we just needed fish. Our first couple of stops were good and bad. Good, because it was constant action. It was bad, because we couldn’t get away from the small/undersized reds. Denise was reeling in “rat reds” almost every cast. She probably would’ve been fine, fighting these small reds all day. Mark and I knew she was gonna be in for a treat, when the big ones showed up.

It was in our last hour when the big fish finally crashed the party. We landed right in the middle of a school of 18-24 inch fish, and they ate everything we threw. Denise couldn’t believe how hard these fish actually fight. To make the day even more amazing, Denise caught not one, but TWO tagged redfish!!!

Later that evening, I checked my old tag books and discovered both fish were tagged on my boat back in August. I had tagged one, and my wife Stephanie tagged the other.

It was a great day on the water, especially for first timer Denise. I guess we can chalk it all up to beginners luck?...

As always, have fun and be safe.

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