The summer heat is here. By mid to late morning, the temperatures are somewhat brutal. We have been doing our best to be on the water as early as possible. The early morning trout and redfishing has been pretty darn good lately.

When the sweat starts pouring and the morning bite slows, it’s time for a new adventure. Nothing, and I mean nothing beats midday triple tail fishing. These hot, calm, sunny days are absolute perfect conditions. Best of all, you get to keep the breeze on you, with a moving boat.

We normally run around the Mississippi Sound, looking under buoys and floating debris. The recent flooding has sent tons of logs and trees floating around the area. Anything you find floating around in open water, is always worth a good once over.

Once you spot, or think you’ve found a triple tail, just get within casting range of it. A well placed live shrimp, minnow, or soft plastic will work. Just remember not to hit the fish on the head. Simply bring your bait a couple of inches near the triple tails face.

The heat this time of year is no joke. There is no reason to sit in one place and cook. Get out there and run the boat. Keep cool, and look for some of the tastiest, hardest fighting fish there is. Once you see, cast to, and catch a triple tail, you’ll be hooked for life!!!

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