Captain Matt and I recently fished one of the more interesting crews we’ve ever had. It wasn’t that they were from some far away place. They were all buddies from The University of Alabama(circa late 90’s-ish). These guys hadn’t all been together in close to 20Years! The stories these fellas had were captivating. Stories of Fishing, college, music, family, travels these gentlemen have lived.
These guys had nothing but a good time, on their 4 day fishing trip. They played there music loud, laughed a lot, and stayed up way too late. It was absolutely awesome!
We fished our tails off. We had a little friendly wager between the boats. Captains Matt boat got us on the numbers for most of the trip. I knew better than to go toe to toe with Captain Matt on the numbers. I’m a competent fishing guide, but Captain Matt is tough to beat on numbers. We opted to swing for the fence and go for the big fish bet. Luckily we had some mullet and white trout for bait. We set up in a deep cut and won the big fish bet with a massive bull red. It was the biggest fish of the trip.
The closet neighbor to us was 7 miles away, but I’m still amazed we didn’t get a noise complaint from Cat Island. It was all in good fun, nobody got hurt and we caught a mess of fish. We saw speckled trout, sharks, triple tail, redfish, mackerel, and a few others. Heck, we even made fish prints one evening. 
These boys let their hair down, and had themselves a big time. You could tell they had a bond that will truly last a lifetime. Getting to vacation, and go fishing only strengthens that bond. You only get a couple of life long friends, so treasure them. Life is short, but Ain’t Life Grand...
As always, have fun and be safe.

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