Captain Matt and Captain Kenny were some of our first boats back out after TS Barry, earlier this week. Happy to report, they said the water looked great, and the fishing was awesome!!!

Sounded like they went with the Plan that has held true for the last several weeks.

Find the bait, find the fish, and never leave fish to find fish. Both boats were following schools of bait(mullet, pogies, rain minnows).

The bait schools in 2-4 feet of water had the trout, and the shallow water bait schools had the reds.

Captain Kenny was lucky enough to find some triple tail, in open water.

The live bait shops in Pass Harbor, and Long Beach are full of bait.

I’m sure by the time this is read, the bait shops in Bay St Louis, and Lakeshore will be rolling. These bait shops have worked their tails off this year, and we certainly appreciate their hard work.

In years past, the fishing after these tropical storms is almost always fantastic. Summer will be over before you know it. Get the kids, friends, neighbors, and family out on the water.

Watch your weather, bring plenty water and most of all.

Have Fun, and please be safe.

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