My buddy Joe books several trips every year. He normally brings his family and or his friends from work or school. This last trip was a birthday present for his wife, Juanita. Honestly, she was less than thrilled getting into the boat. It was cold and way to early for her liking. “He’s the one that loves to fish, what the heck are we doing out here”?...

Joining “Nita” were her two sisters, Tallulah and Elizabeth, along with her buddy, my wife Stephanie . They understood what the gift was. These days it’s hard to hit the town, in large groups. He wanted the gals to spend the day together, and have some fun.

In our first two stops we caught 1 baby speckled trout. However, the birthday party got wild at the third stop. We landed on a school of perfect sized slot reds and puppy drum. We could barely get three lines in the water. The live shrimp were getting annihilated seconds after they hit the water. Stephanie didn’t even really fish, she just helped net their fish, and snap pictures. Things got loud, very very loud. Nita and the girls were screaming and yelling, trying to keep all the lines from getting tangled. Capt Kenny Shiyou and Capt Paul Leoni knew exactly what the noise was. They quietly put their boats right next to ours. Instantly, it became a 3 boat Birthday Fish Bonanza.

The ladies had filled the fish box quickly, and we eased our way back to the dock. As we were pulling away, the other 2 boats were all double and triple hooked up. Juanita smiled and jokingly said, “this was really fun, I’m so glad my husband set this up, I’m gonna have to send him on a Spa Day for his next Birthday”...

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