I get to fish with some amazing people. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of wetting a line with scientists, athletes, soldiers, CEO’s, inventors, politicians, and plenty of Doctors. Everyone has a story to tell, and sometimes we create one on the water.

Last week we had a big group out at the Cat Island house. The “Men’s Group” is made up of local coast guys. This lively crew meets throughout the year, and has a big annual fishing trip. Panama, Guatemala, and Montana are just a couple of the places the group has fished at. This years trip was to be in their front yard, with Shore Thing Charters “Cat Island Experience”.

An hour before we departed the dock, one of the 12 members was forced to cancel(knee injury).

Dr Don Gaddy was having lunch with his 96 (NINETY SIX)year old father Dr Hurd Gaddy when the 12th man canceled. Well, short story short, Dr Hurd joined the men’s group, for a four day fishing trip of a lifetime. I’m here to tell you, this man is sharp as a tack, and can fish like a madman. Fun Fact, Dr Hurd actually delivered our own Capt Kenny Shiyou in 1972!!!

One of the evening outings found us drifting a shallow flat with live baits, under Boat Monkey Corks. Myself, John Dane, Dr Don and Dr Hurd stumbled into a school of big hungry trout. It was all I could do to keep the hooks baited and fish netted. Dr Hurd out fished all the “youngsters”, with little to no effort.

When the smoke cleared, we were just few fish shy of our limit. We left em biting, and headed back to the island house for a massive feast.

Dr Hurd is now the oldest person I’ve ever had on the boat, and one of the most enjoyable ones too. His son Dr Don stopped me later that night, and told me it was the best fishing trip he’d ever been a part of. I fully understood it was not the box of trout we caught, it was the memory he made with his dad. This my friends, is what it’s all about!!!

Please don’t make your fishing trip about the numbers of fish. Make your trips about the experience. Keep your family and friends close, and share our amazing fishery with them. Life is way to short to not share a fishing trip with your loved ones. So take advantage of this great spring weather, and go make some memories of your own.

As always, have fun and be safe.

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