I gotta say, it’s kind of bitter sweet to see all the pictures of sheepshead on the fishing sites and forums. For many years, we had a lot of the sheepshead fishing to ourselves. Well, there’s plenty of fish, and plenty of spots, so we are more than happy to share our beloved sheepshead with others.

Our guides at Shore Thing Charters have always been huge fans of these fish. I mean what’s not to love. They show up in the dead of winter, when the weather is typically at its worst. Some of the best sheepshead spots are with in sight of the boat ramp. They are plentiful, hard fighting, and tasty as all get out.

With the right tools and techniques, cleaning a sheepshead can be done as fast as, if not quicker than, a redfish. If you need any help in this department, just click on YouTube and search, “cleaning sheepshead”. Heck I’ve even got a video up there from a show we did a while back with Frank and Brittany Wilem(Find Your Outdoors TV). It came out very well, and has had thousands of views!

Yes there are trout still around, and yes there are redfish and black drum to be caught. My main goal, is to maximize fun and minimize cold boat riding. These sheepshead are what make winter time fishing for fun all ages.

You just need some live or fresh dead shrimp, some small hooks and weights, and some older structures to fish. Bridges, reefs, piers and wrecks should all be full of sheepshead all winter long. These fish can save the trip on a windy cold day. JUST REMEMBER FOLKS, their are limits in place for sheepshead caught in Mississippi Waters. Sheepshead must be a minimum of 14 inches. Each angler is allowed 15 sheepshead per person per day.

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