We had a big crew out at the Cat Island House recently. Dr Lori Marshall and her husband Derek had been planning the trip for over a year. It was a vacation/Birthday Party for their son William. So, along with 4 adults, also came 6 young men from the Madison, MS area.

Some of the 12 year old-ish fellas have fished with us before. This would be several of the others first time in salt water. We really enjoy having this age out on the boats. They are big enough to help, and genuinely interested in everything outdoorsy.

With the spill way water flooding into the Mississippi Sound, salt water was scarce at Cat Island. We worked hard for them, and caught plenty of fish. The boys got to catch gobs of white trout, several nice specks, a few redfish, and plenty of bull sharks. This would be as much a learning trip, as it was a fishing trip.

There were an incredible amount of boaters on the water. Every time one of the boaters would do something wrong, I would calmly explain what happened, and why it was wrong. I would also let them know why we would have to idle or drift past other boaters. Hopefully, some of these lessons in boaters etiquette will stick, if they are ever running their own boats.

I’m glad these young men got to see the fresh water covering up our area. They got to experience what it looked like during this historic flood. Many of these youngsters hunt, or have friends/family up in the MS Delta region as well. Several of them have seen and experienced first hand what this flooding can do up north and down south. My hope for this future generation of Sportsman, is that they can help improve things, anything better than this current situation. This plan maybe one of them becoming a hydrologist. Another solution may involve them simply voting for a candidate in an election that will help fix flooding issues. Hopefully they remember everything from their trip, and use it to leave things better, for the next generation. Happy Birthday William, hope y’all enjoyed it as much as we did!!!

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