Hunter Moore, with one of many sheepshead from his trip near Cat Island.

Live bait can be tough to get this time of year. For a two boat trip Capt Matt and I had recently, we had plenty of bait, or so we thought... We only had three customers each, and we both had well over 200 beautiful live shrimp. I actually had two Pastors from Georgia, and one of their sons. Jeff, Keith and young Hunter were alot of fun. We were fishing around Cat Island, and we found plenty of fish. Truth be told, both boats landed on every cast bites. However, it was all undersized speckled trout, and redfish. Those little critters were doing their best to eat us out of house and home.

I know we always say, “Never leave fish to find fish”, but none of these fish were going into the fish box. Both boats headed out into open water, to fish structures. The water had a beautiful green color, and the seas had a light chop. We positioned our boat on what I thought was the structure, but didn’t get a nibble. Using the I-pilot trolling motor and GPS we were able to move and hold the boat over a good piece of structure.

Once we were positioned correctly, it was GAME ON!!! It was pretty much all sheepshead, every single drop. The Pastors were hosting a fish fry, and needed all the fish they could get. The fishing was almost too good. We were quickly burning through what was left of our shrimp. As much I hated to do it, I started to cut the shrimp in half, then thirds, then fourths. We turned 10 shrimp into 40 baits quickly. They missed a few fish, but they were coming into the net about as quickly as I could scoop. It didn’t take long for them to load the boat. We topped off the fish box quickly, and headed in. Capt Matt radioed in, saying they were running out of bait on their bite too.

Through out our time together, the Pastors talked a little about scripture and Religion. We never got to the story about how Jesus fed the masses with just a couple loaves of bread and a few fish. Its safe to say, we certainly did our best to recreate some of that story. We turned just a few shrimp into many many fish to feed the masses. It was a great day!

As Always, have fun and be safe

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