I had a crew of first time salt water fishermen out on a charter recently. These are my favorite trips to take. Everything we see, do and catch on these trips is new and exciting. This trip would not disappoint either.

Our day began a little windy, so we tucked into a narrow bayou to look for redfish.

We hit absolute paydirt! Boat Monkey Popping corks, and live shrimp were getting hit almost every cast. The three youngsters were screaming and yelling every time those corks went underwater.

Yes, there was a little bit of extra instruction, and learning, but the kiddos learned quickly.

They had a cook amongst them, so everyone was very excited about the big meal later, from their catch.

We moved around a bit, looking for big fish. Luckily, we found a large school of mullet getting terrorized by sharks, bull reds and jack crevalle. The newbies were just about on sensory overload.

None of them had ever caught, or much less seen fish this big. E

ach of them got to reel in at least one big critter(all were released). We even managed to pick up a dozen big trout before calling it a day.

The trip was an absolute home run.

We didn’t stay anywhere long, if the fishing got slow. On days like these, you gotta look back to when you first started fishing. I remember wanting catch as many different species as I could.

When the smoke cleared, we had caught: redfish, speckled trout, ground mullet, triple tail, sharks, bull reds, and jack crevalle. Not too shabby, for a bunch of first timers...

As always, have fun and be safe.

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