Our last Cat Island Trip was simply amazing. Yes we caught fish, and yes the weather was nice, but sometimes there is just a little more to it. This trip was made up five father and sons.

Actually four of the dads were on the very first Cat Island overnight trip we ever ran(8 years ago)!!! We had a great time on our 2011 trip, but this trip blew that one away.

We “kidnapped” Nathan Guice’s teenage son Tyler, to assist us on the trip. He helped with the heavy lifting, fish cleaning, and even a little fish catching.

On one of the supply runs, Tyler and I caught 3 nice/tasty triple tails. His younger brother Deacon was along with 4 other 10-12 year olds, and their dads.

The fishing was absolutely incredible. These youngsters got to do battle with big trout, redfish, flounder, sharks and big jack crevalle.

They were highlights that most definitely stood out. Watching young Jules Davis fight and beat a big jack crevalle was intense. Having Nathan get an “inshore slam” (speck, red, flounder) in the last few minutes of the last morning was very cool.

The trout slaying that Romero and Temple crew did on the first morning, on Capt Matt’s Boat was absolutely impressive.

Keep in mind, all of these families are from southern Louisiana, so they know what a treat this was. Many of the trout these guys caught, were well over 20 inches long!

They couldn’t believe that fishing like this even existed outta Mississippi?

It was about as perfect of a fishing trip as we could have wanted. The Dads got to catch fish, and catch up with each other. Most of these gentlemen went to College at Millsaps, a “few” years ago.

The kiddos got to experience 3 days on an island, basically all to themselves. Of course, and best of all, were the memories made. The fishing, the boats, the food, the wildlife are what makes these trips.

The smelly clothes, and the sunburns will eventually disappear, but these memories will last forever. We wanna thank these dads for bringing these young men fishing with us, it was awesome!!!

As always, have fun and be safe.

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