Ted Meaux with a BSL redfish.

We knew from the get go, it was gonna be an “Adventure”. My friend Bill York had booked his fishing trip months before. We both have busy schedules, and it was the only day we both had available. It was an all or nothing kind of day. Bill had brought his friends, Cara and Ted. He has spent enough days on his sail boat to know that the winds were gonna make conditions tough.

We were able to hide in the Back bay, but the flooded rivers made conditions less than favorable. Heck, our first fish was a small freshwater catfish. All we could do was grind it out, and try to have a little fun. Conditions didn’t get much better. The winds kept increasing, and we could hear fellow guides on the radio struggling to find protected water, and fish. It didn’t faze the crew one bit. It kind of turned into a comedy routine. We told stories about unruly customers we’ve encountered, at our work. We joked about if we were on Bills sail boat, we wouldn’t have a breath of wind, or how we might starve since no one caught dinner.

As the winds increased, we just kept looking wherever we could. On our very last stop we finally located some bait fish, pinned against a grassy shoreline. The crew kept the corks flying into the baitfish, and the redfish were there waiting. While Cara and Ted were battling fish, Bill came and hung out next to me. He just smiled and said, “this is exactly what I wanted for them”. We actually put a nice box of redfish together. It truly was Bill and Teds(and Cara’s) Excellent Adventure!!!

As always, have fun and be safe.

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