Cade Hurst and Corbin Altese about to clean a huge pile of fish for customers at Cat Island.

Good help is hard to find. When you find those men and women who are eager to work, and have a good attitude, it’s nice to reward them. Enter Corbin Altese and Cade Hurst. Both in their early twenty’s, These young go getters have been fishing with us for many years. We have known them and their parents even longer. The past year or so, they have been helping us a bunch, out at the Cat Island house for our overnight multi-day trips. On the rare occasions we have time, room and good weather, we try to get them out fishing with us.

Recently we had gotten in early from a corporate group we were hosting. Since they had done all their work, and Capt Kenny had the lunch duties covered, I offered them a quick fishing trip. They didn’t turn it down.

Once we got set up, the boys went straight to work. Corbin was launching a popping cork rig and Cade opted for a right lined Carolina rig. These two are deadly with a fishing rod, so I pretty much just baited hooks and netted fish. Happy to say they kept me busy with some big speckled trout. The entire time we were out, all they really talked about, was hunting and fishing. It was just like I was, 20 something years ago. I doubt those two will ever loose their love of the outdoors.

It’s long days out at the island, and the work isn’t always pretty. These two never complain, and are always ready to get their hands dirty. It’s a been a real treat having these two working with us. I like to think Fishing with them is just as much for us as it is for them.

As always, have fun and be safe.

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