Some of the first few trips of 2021 have been close to the dock, VERY CLOSE. I actually really enjoy these nearshore trips, for two main reasons. I’d much rather fish than boat ride, and I absolutely hate being cold. Some of the days we’ve fished this year, we’ve had ice on the boats in the early morning. 

Sure, there are fish down south, but the easiest, safest and most comfortable fishing is close to home this time of year. The man made reefs, bridges and old piers is about as far as you need to look. 

And From the looks of things, more and more people have finally realized how much fun sheepshead are. Extremely hard fighters, liberal limits, and fantastic tasting meat. What’s not to love?

Even in the colder temps, we have been having mixed bag catches. 

We are seeing plenty of sheepshead, but also seeing redfish, black drum, trout and flounder. The water has been relatively clean and salty. Barring any torrential rains, it is shaping up to be one heck of a winter bite. 

Just need to watch your weather. On the really cold days, take your time, and leave later. I promise you, our better bites this past week, have come during the warmest parts of the day. Been wearing plenty of layers of clothes, with good hats and gloves. We’ve also been checking in regularly with our people on land, just to be extra safe.

With a lot of the locals in the woods hunting, we’ve seen very few boats out. It’s been very fun and peaceful. If you’ve never enjoyed a good winter time fishing trip, this is a great time to go. And you don’t have to go far to enjoy it!

As always, have fun and be safe.

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