Stephanie, Margot, and Sonny Schindler with a bull shark Margot reeled in at Cat Island.

We mixed a little business and pleasure recently, and boy was it a great time. For the most part, our guides don’t get to see our families a whole lot, this time of year. Our wives all work, and what little free time we have is spent with the kiddos. Our families literally had to book a trip to hang out with us.

What really happened, was some terrible weather opened up a small window of “free time” at the Cat island house. My wife Stephanie, and daughter Margot joined myself, Capt Matt Tusa and his wife Lauren, son Gray and Syrus, and daughter Fiona.

Rounding out our crew was our dear friends David Davis and Shannon Ingram from Arkansas. Care taker “Cat Island Chris”’was also along for the fun.

We tried to do a little bit of everything, and sometimes nothing. It was a real treat to let the kids call the shots. Matt’s younger kids wanted to play on the beach, Margot wanted to catch a shark, and Dave n Shannon wanted to explore the island. In between the waves of bad weather, we made everyone’s wish come true.

Yes, we did fish a bit. The trout were very cooperative, even though the weather wasn’t. We just got out when we could and made the most of it. Matt’s family eats fish daily, somthey were happy to keep some fish to eat in the coming weeks.

I’m not gonna lie, the food was insanely tasty. We had some true gourmet meals prepared by our Arkansas buddies. My wife also brought out some breakfast casseroles and cinnamon rolls that were painfully delicious.

Like all of our family outings, it went by way too fast. We took a bunch of

Pictures, that with the memories, will hopefully last forever. It has been over a year since Matt and I have taken family vacations. This was without A doubt, one of the best ones we’ve ever had. It was never about how many fish we caught, it was more about the time together. Matt and I already looking forward to booking a trip with our family and friends.

As always, have fun and be safe.

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