I’m already liking the way 2022 has begun. One of the first trips of the New Year was just incredible.

We had family in town from Austin, TX. My nieces Bea(6 y/o) and Eloise (4 y/o) have only fished with me one other time. They were much younger on their first trip in the boat. The fishing wasn’t super fast on that one, and they didn’t make it long before they lost interest.

We were ready this go round. My daughter, their cousin, Margot was their to help the girls. This was a very smart play. When we found our fish, they were all big and the younger girls needed help. The sheepshead were scary big, and some of the black drum we caught were as big as the young ladies.

It took their Dad Russell and myself a minute to figure out the bite. The tide was rolling and we were having trouble keeping our live shrimp on the bottom with 1/4 ounce weights. Once we switched to 1 ounce weights, we were dialed in!

Some of the fish took the combined efforts of Margot, Bea and Eloise. Between the size of the fish, the screaming current, and the light tackle, it was all they could do to get the fish up. I’m very pleased to report that no one fell in the water.

The girls did amazing, and eventually tuckered out. Truth be told, I think they had more fun back at the cleaning dock in Bayou Caddy. Between the numerous species of birds eating the scraps, and our neighbors friendly puppy, my nieces were on cloud 9.

And the hits just kept coming. We took our big sheepshead and smaller black drum fillets to The Blind Tiger in downtown Bay St Louis. I don’t know what they do or how they do it, but the cooks at TBT prepared the fish perfectly. We got half of the fish fried, and half blackened for fish tacos. Let’s just say Uncle Sonny was a popular guy after this adventure.

You can’t start a new year expecting things to be bad. Show 2022 who’s the boss. Get out there and have some fun. Please Do it safely and respect others. I truly hope everyone of y'all has an incredible 2022!!!

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