The Ballard Family: Father, James; Mom, Sarah; son, Cullen; and daughter, Maddy from Ocean Springs, fishing in Waveland. 

I’ve fished with young Cullen before. His dad, James Ballard brought Cullen and daughter Maddy a few months ago. They were very fun, energetic, and exited about fishing. This trip was a little more different, but way more fun.

It was Cullens Birthday trip, so he got to call the shots. His mom Sarah came with us this time too. My buddy got out of the car, and before he made it to me, he said, “I want a 30

Inch fish for my Birthday”! And who am I to deny a young man his birthday wish?...

It was actually a good thing. The water was rough and muddy. The hunt for big fish was a smart play. We simply soaked baits over a submerged reef in 6 feet of water. It only took about 10 minutes before Cullen got his first Birthday present. A huge bull red followed by a massive black drum, followed by another big bull red. It was exactly what he wanted.

They let go all the big fish, and we even tagged the big reds. It was a hoot watching the entire family fight fish. Hats off to my buddy Cullen for opting to spend his birthday trip looking for big fish. Another hats off to his parents for supporting him. It was a memorable birthday for all of us, but especially Cullen. Happy Birthday Lil buddy!

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