Competition is a great thing in business, even in the charter fishing world. When companies play fair, are friendly and supportive of each either, EVERYONE benefits. 

 I recall a 5 boat trip we ran a  little while back that would’ve never happened, without a little help from our friends.

We had 3 other guides from other charter services helping us. Captains Keith Crawford(Blue Line Charters), Brian Garriga(Reel South Charters) and Paul Leoni(Southern Comfort Charters), were a huge help. Our guides have learned long ago that we are stronger in numbers. It also helps that these guys are insanely good fishermen, great hosts, and a hoot to be around.

We had a mini tournament going on, so there was a little competition amongst the boats. There may have been little racing to the first spot. Of course we had to talk a little trash over the VHF radios, to keep things interesting. We had boats strung out from Bayou Caddy, to Bay St Louis, to Pass Marianne. Everyone stayed in touch on the VHF radios and cell phones. Capt Paul’s boat landed the biggest redfish and biggest sheepshead. Capt Keith’s crew caught the biggest drum and the biggest trout. One lucky lady on my boat got the biggest fish of the day, a large bull shark.

Yes we were competitive, but we also worked together. We let each other know what was working, and where we were fishing. We wanted all the customers to have fun.

Our charter services may have different names, but our goal is the same. We want ALL of the guests to have a great time. If the guests have fun, they tell more people, and more people come back to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Ive noticed over the years, that our local businesses and towns folk use this same model. Restaurants, hotels, realtors, and local shops are just a few businesses that make our Mississippi Gulf Coast the incredible place it is. We owe it to every patron that frequents our business, and the MS Gulf Coast to be the very best we can be. The more happy customers we all have, the more returning visitors we will ALL see. We get by with a little help from our friends.

As always, have fun and be safe.

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