Shore Thing goals

Tallulah Kuhner, Margot Schindler and Capt Sonny with huge black drum near Pass Christian Harbor.

I think it’s a good thing to set goals for yourself. Things like getting in shape, reading books, travel, and more family time are all great examples. This also carries over into the fishing world. To often I think we get complacent in our routines. I’m just as guilty as anyone. We go and fish our “honey holes” and seldom explore new areas, use a new technique or try for different species. This year, I definitely wanna do a few more things on the water. Here’s a few of the goals I’m working towards achieving this year.

More family and friend trips. I’ve been very lucky to have some wonderful and amazing people in my life. We have such an incredible town and fishery here in South Mississippi. I wanna spend more time with those people on the water that are near and dear to me

Pompano! We catch these tasty critters here and there, but I’ve never really tried to target them. I’ve called a few folks that consistently catch them, and now have a general idea how to catch them. It actually sounds like a lot of fun.

Mississippi Youth records are open to anglers 16 years old and younger. My daughter has held 2 at one point in time. It is an unforgettable experience that I need to pursue harder for her and more of our younger anglers.

The birding here in South Mississippi, especially around the barrier islands and in the marshes is world class. Our guides have been fortunate enough to have some expert birders come with us. Myself and Our guides are decent at it, but we can always improve in this department. It’s something you can easily merge with a fishing trip too.

It’s all about challenging and bettering yourself. These are just a few of the goals

I have set for 2023. I hope each and everyone of you has a very safe and wonderful year. Hopefully you’ll set, and reach a few goals for yourselves!!!

Best of luck to everyone.

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